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Restoring System State, MS 6.0 & W2K AS


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I am working with a customer that has a laptop running Win 2K that is failing to boot due to a corrupt registry (the SYSTEM hive is referenced in the error message). The backup of the laptop exists on a server hard drive. The customer is sure that system state was backed up along with the data and OS files. However, when I access the backup, there is no




folder to be found. When you backup system state on a Win2K computer, are the registry hive files stored somewhere else in the backup snapshot, or does the lack of that folder indicate that the user actually did not opt to restore system state?


Ideally I'd like to restore the reg files as distinct files and do an emergency repair.



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from the article "Retrospect does not offer an option to restore only the registry, but users can replace the active registry with the following steps: " [8 steps given]


That sounds like a kludge and not a restore solution of a backup program.

I was not aware it was so hard to restore the registry...


For future reference, I have a question about article's step 4:


"4. Destination: Choose your boot volume (not any sub-volume) that you would like the Registry restored to and make sure to change the restore option from Restore Entire Disk to Replace Corresponding Files. This is very important. "


Can I restore the registry files to another destination than the original PC?





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