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LaCie 52x32x52 Support & "206 Errors"

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Hi there,


We are getting 206 error constantly with the following system:


OS X 10.2.6

Retrospect 5.1 (driver update 4.1.109)

LaCie d2 52x32x52 firewire


This drive uses (according to Dantz phone tech support) the following mechanism:

EZ Quest Boa LTR-52327S IEEE 1394


...which was supposed to be supported by the last driver update.


I've tried many times with multiple CDs to backup and when verifying, we get about 20 206 errors (we're using Verbatim 48x CD-Rs).


We need to get this solved ASAP!!! We have GBs of data that needs to be backed up!


This is a brand new drive with new CDs! (Toast & iTunes both burn fine...)


PS> we waited 1.5 years for driver support for our 32x10x40 LaCie drive, and it's still NOT supported...I don't get it!!!





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