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Activity Monitor Backup Set status doesn't take autoloader inventory into account


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When I view Backup Sets status in the Proactive tab of the Activity Monitor, it shows "Media" for all Backup Sets, unless the current writable Backup Set member is in the drive. And even if that member is in the drive, it only shows "Ready" for that one Backup Set. This is despite the fact that there are several writable and inventoried members in the autoloader which are listed in the Device window. I thought Backup Sets status should take into account all inventoried tapes currently available, not just the one(s) in the drive(s)? I wonder if there's a tape inventory database that's corrupted? It will not grab the correct tape out of the autoloader, which I assume is because it doesn't think the Backup Set is "Ready". I have to manually move the correct tape to the drive in order for a Proactive backup to begin.



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> Does this happen with Driver update version 4.4 as well?



> Are you using regular scripts along with proactive scripts?



> Does the problem happen with regular scripts too?

I made a test regular script, scheduled it to run once. It worked!


Last night it did automatically go to the next tape after filling the 1st one. But the Proactive window will not show "Ready" for a Set and the Proactive backup will not start unless the currently writable member is in the drive. I can't remember if it had this "Ready" behavior when Proactive used to work. If so, I think it's a design flaw. "Ready" status should reflect all tapes available in the autoloader, not just the tape in the drive. In any case, Proactive Backup is still broken.

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