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Problem back up to network share - unavailable from retrospect - available from Windows


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We are evaluating Dantz Retrospect Pro Windows v. 6.5.319


Context: backup of local PC files (c: drive on W2K system) to network share (on W2K or Linux+ Samba system)


The destination network share is always seen from Windows Explorer (mapped drive) or through "My Network Places" (all the permissions are set correctly) and the network share can be used through Windows Explorer with R/W rights.


Retrospect can sometimes use the network share as a destination for File backup or volume backup at creation, but most of the time Retrospect indicates that the network share IS NOT AVAILABLE unlike continuously active from Windows Explorer.


Any idea??


Thanks for help


Eric Adams

IT Manager Cobepa (BNP PB group)




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The problem seems not related to login or authentication problems. All the "login" scenarios have been tested without success.

After some more investigations, I found a relation between the "auto-disconnect" timeout on Windows shares if the mapped connection is idle for some time (30 min by default in W2K servers). (This feature is not very well documented at Microsoft). Microsoft Network shares are reconnected quickly and automatically when the resource is again used (fi from Explorer).

It seems that Retrospect will not try to use the network drive (and push the reconnect status) as it first sees the drive as disconnected!


"tip for the guys at Retrospect: investigate this for the next upgrade! "


On Windows servers, you can set the auto disconnect feature off. I'm now looking for the same parameter in Samba.


Samba specialist in the audience? Thanks a lot.


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