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Quantum SDLT 320

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I have just upgraded my SDLT 220 to a Quantum Super DLT 320 and would like to re-use my 220 tapes in the new drive. I have tried using the long erase (3 and a half hours!) to clear the tape and bring it to the higher capacity of 320. The long erase does erase and condition the tape but doesn't change it's capacity to 320. Is there a way to re-format these already used Super DLTtape 1 cartridges to bring them to the native capacity of my 320 drive?




After an extensive google search I found a few articles that talked about using a degausser to bulk erase dlt tapes so I tried it on a couple of tapes. After degaussing, the 220 light no longer comes on but once the drive has finished loading the tape, retrospect says "failed to load media" and won't format it. From all of my reading, DLT does not have factory servo tracks so the tape should work. What gives?




I still have 10 more 220 formatted tapes that I'd like to convert (no more degaussing for me!) - any suggestions aside from just buying new media?




Thanks for you help,








***Got an answer from Quantum - they have informed me that the media will always be 220 once formatted unless the media is "properly" degaussed. Quantum recommended http://www.garner-products.com/Degserv.htm, a company that will bulk erase tapes. The degausser I used was not powerful enough.***

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