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Retrospect Express 5.5 - Error Copying Files


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Hello. I have Retrospect Express 5.5 from a Sony CDRW

bundle and I would like to know how I can transfer an

RBF File from one hard drive to another. For example

say I have backup set #1 (inactive) and backup set #2

(active) and since backup set #1 is just taking up

space in my hard drive I would like to transfer it to

another hard drive. Everytime I do the cut and paste

in Windows Explorer I get the error message "Error

Copying File. Can't Create or replace backup set #1.

The parameter is incorrect." Please help. Thanks.



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OS is Win98SE and the source and destination files are both using FAT32. My understanding of "duplicate" is it will duplicate the volume and transplant it to your destination in non-rbf format. Is my understanding correct? If so, what I would like to do is transfer the existing rbf file with all the sessions intact into another drive. I read somewhere that Retrospect has a "copy" function, apart from "repair" and "verify" under the tools tab. Is there such a thing? BTW, the version that I have is came bundled with my Sony CDRW.


Any other suggestions would be most welcomed.



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