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Two sets of weekly tapes


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Hi. I have decided to run Retrospect on my client's computer. I like everything it does and am ready to have the client purchase Retrospect 6.5. However, for the life of me, I cannot get the program to work with the TWO sets of daily tapes we have. By two sets of tapes, I mean, we have set 1 with 5 tapes for Monday thru Friday, and then set 2 with 5 tapes for Monday thru Friday, and the tapes are used on alternating weeks. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to do that and I can't seem to find any info on the website as to how to do that.


Can someone point me to the right direction please?


Thank you.

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The way to do this would be set up 10 backup sets like so


Monday A ~ Friday A

Monday B ~ Friday B


Then create a script and add all 10 sets to the script.

In the schedule for the script you will have a total of 10 scripted events, one for each day. Make sure you set the "weeks" field to "2" so that each tape is used every other week. You will also want to specify a start date for each schedule i.e. tuesday A will be the 16th but Tuesday B will be the 23rd.


Let us know if you need more info




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