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Time for Net Retry to wakeup

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Left my iMac doing a network backup of my Powerbook's 60GB HD last night and decided to almost close the Powerbook's lid so as to not disturb the dog. Unfortunately my wife saw it almost closed and decided to close it completely. frown.gif


This morning I was a bit disappointed to find the backup still active after opening the PB's lid. I saw on the iMac that Retro Backup 5.1 Desktop was indicating "Net Retry". It was almost 4 mins before things got going again and just before I was about to terminate things -- sure pleased to have not done so as the Backup is a full backup of some 25gig.


Is the "Net Retry" a time comsuming state? Is this normal? I would have thought the Net Retry would have detected the PB being up from sleep within seconds.


Any how -- as a heads up to others don't panic and wait for at least 5 mins on a Net Retry to get going.


Regards... Barry Sharp


P.S. The net backup of my PB 60gig HD went well and the new Retro Desktop has made my like easier. Now onto my wife's iBook across the net. This is good stuff and I've been waiting for this feature for a few years now. smile.gif

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