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Upgrading from RE 5.0.238

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I'm currently using RE 5.0.238 and wish to upgrade to the Desktop package. I see there's an upgrade price of $59.xx and the full price of $129.xx. Can I as a RE 5 user upgrade to Desktop for $59.xx or do I have to buy the $129.xx version?


I did try going thru the upgrade order path and it required Lic Number and Upgrade Authentification code! I have no clue wheter or not I have an Upgrade code.


I bought the full version of RE 5 some time back and have also bought a Maxtor One Touch HD that included RE. Does this qualify me for the $59.xx Upgrade to Desktop.


I have iMac, iBook and G4 Powerbook that I need to backup.


Thanks in advance... Regards... Barry Sharp

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According to the Upgrade Pricing Matrix, all versions of Macintosh Retrospect Express or Desktop are eligible for the $59.95 upgrade price.


On the Upgrades page there are two links. One is for when you already have an Upgrade Authentication Code from a reseller, and one is for buying the upgrade. Sounds like you followed the wrong link, try the Buy Now link instead.



If you have not already purchased an upgrade,


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