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Unfinnished verification at backup!!!!!


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I made a backup of a directory about 25GB.


Copying was Finns and at verifying phase I accidently touched the power cord so that the Seagate Tapestor device lost its power. Therefore the verifying stage was not finnished.




I thought to redo the backup next day but my problem is that I lost all my data on harddrive before I was able to do rebackup. Windows asks to format the HD drive when trying to display it's content.




Is it possible still use the old backup somehow.


I tried once to regreate the catalog but got error.




I really need that data back!




1. Is there anyway to extract data from drive without the catalog defined?


2. What can I do.




I am using


Application: Restrospect Express 5.6


Drive: Seagate Tapestor 40

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I tried once to regreate the catalog but got error.



What error(s)?


Retrospect data is not accessible without the catalog file. Errors during rebuild typically indicate there is a problem reading the data from the backup media. Even if we didn't require a catalog, this problem would still prevent a restore.


What OS?

What is the drive interface? SCSI? USB? Firewire? IDE?

Are you trying to recatalog on the same computer? Have you tried moving the drive to another computer?



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