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Error: 523 service transaction error


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we are using Retrospect Single Server 6.0 on a Windows 2000 Server system. My client is running Windows 2000.


Attempting to do an Backup leads to an Error: 523 service transaction error, Message: "T-18: main: transaction terminated by PDS exception".

The server can contact the client by the properties-page and check the connection speed. It also starts checking the amount of files to be backuped. But just immediatly when the copy of files shut start the Server stops the transaction.


There are no other network problems. The client is accessible by all other clients and the server in the network.


Thanks for helping me,


Dirk Wölfel

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I just try to backup a subvolume from the client. I changed the subvolume and it crashes too.


The client has one HDD with two partitions. I´m trying to do a disk to disk backup.


But it does not look like crashing during the file scan: Retrospect scans the files of the client machine but crashes immediately after starting the copy process.





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I Have a feeling there is more to this than just Retrospect. Can you try a backup of a folder using windows file sharing rather than Retrospect client?


I would uninstall/reboot/reinstall retropsect client. I would also run disk utils on both machines. Is uninstalling/reinstalling the network card on the client machine a possibility?



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