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Some basic questions, but even these need answers!

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New to dantz / backups so please take it easy with me.


I have retrospect 5 backing up 1 Xserve and 3 other OS9 macs over ethernet.


It works ok.. writing around 300+gb onto 9 AIT2 tapes for a full backup.


at the moment i rotate a set of tapes over a 4 week period.


what i'd like to achive is to have a means of moving some off site in a semi archival

type way.


all i can think of doing is moving a set of 9 tapes off-site every month, and then rotating those

tapes every 6 month, so while we don't have EVERYTHING we have 90% of it?


Its there a better way (there must be) but i can't see how to do it any better?





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