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Outlook locked range conflict and lack of permissions


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We use Retrospect 6.5.319 on Windows XP Professional machines running MS Office XP. When Retrospect launches for unattended backups it forces Outlook to quit on the client machines to, I presume, facilitate backups of the Outlook data files (.pst files). However, on two of our six machines I consistently receive an error message related to these pst files:

"error -1111 (locked range conflict)"


Any ideas as to how I can address this? My presumption is that the Outlook files are *not* being backed up properly.


Additionally, I consistently receive a different error message when Retrospect attempts to use the Open File Backup feature on all of our client machines. The error message I receive related to this issue is:

"Can't use Open File Backup option for DISKNAME (C:) on CLIENTNAME, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)"


Any ideas about these problems would be most appreciated!




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We have the same problem here with Outlook 2000 on Windows 2000. When Outlook is open and some reminder windows are open, too, the weirdest things happen when Retrospect starts the backup. The appointment or tasks which underlie the reminders open up one by one, then start again, circular, forever,... In the meantime Retrospect waits for Outlook to come out of this loop, in vain, and complains with "locked range" error. HELP!!!





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I just solved the -1111 problem for a client with her Outlook PST files, hopefully my steps will work for you too... The problem cropped up suddenly after over a year of successful backups. Outlook was not running (nor was Outlook shutdown forced by OFB), and the problem persisted even after several restarts.


I can't say for certain what exactly solved it as I tried a few things in succession before testing backup again. I ran Norton WinDoctor and fixed a bunch of problems (you could also use other utils, of course). Ran ScanDisk/fix on a reboot (no problems were detected). Then--probably the key--I compacted the PSTs (she had a couple).


To compact in OL2002, head for File, Data File Management..., select the PST to compact and click Settings, then Compact Now. It would probably be a good idea to clear out detritus such as Deleted Items beforehand. Note that if you're using Hotmail or other IMAP mail service that you probably have Deleted Items in both your Personal Folders PST and the PST for the IMAP service.


After these steps the backup ran successfully. I have to assume that something was funny with the file: either the file itself, or in Windows XP Home's mind about the file. Or maybe it was Retrospect that got confused.


I'm sorry I have nothing to suggest re: the -1017 error. A quick search of the forum didn't prove fruitful (several threads describe the problem, none that I saw included a solution).



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