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Run Retro on Administrators account and not run on other users (on the same machine)


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If the machine (W2K) is left on the users log on instead of administrator then Retro cannot get to some of the files that should be backed up because the user does not have permissions.

Is there a way for Retro to check if the Administrator is logged on and if not then don't run?

I use the unattended schedule in Retro.


The retrorun service is set for the ./Administrator but that does not help.


Also, what is the Rthlpsve.exe service for?



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Retro v5.6

Retro is set up to run at 3am by retro schedule

If another user other that administrator happens to leave the machine on while they are still logged on as 'User' (non-admin) at 3am Retro starts but is now running with limited permissions.


I would like Retro to check who's logged on before it runs and if its NOT the Admin account then DO NOT run?


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Retrospect 6.5 makes this process a little easier but you can still fix it in 5.6. You need to configure the login information for the Retrospect launcher service.




If a non-admin user has launched retrospect and leaves it running you will run into this trouble even if you edit the launcher service. If that happens a lot you may want to consider the upgrade to 6.5



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