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Retrospect 5 Suddenly crashing OS X server

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We are using retrospect 5.0.238 on an OS X Server 10.2.6 (Xserve). Our DDS-3 DAT drive failed and we bought a Sony SDX 300C, which was, according to your website, qualified for use with Retrospect.


Everytime is is just about to start writing the backup, the screen dims and we get the dreaded, "Please hold down your power button for a few seconds to restart..." We are just backing up the server local drive.


We attached a different Tape drive andd it backs up. Any ideas?

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The drive you bought is a good one - Maybe too good for your SCSI card. The only thing that is going to cause a crash like this is a SCSI conflict/problem of some kind.


Can you give some more information about your SCSI card and devices as well as the computer itself?




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