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Problem with Immediate and Automated Backups


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We've been running backups awhile on our Windows 2000 machines using Retrospect 6.0. One of our staff members ran an automated backup successfully. About three days later, after changing a few files, he ran an immediate backup. Instead of just backing up the files that had changed, it backed up several gigabytes of data. Retrospect seemed to ignore the backup set made by the automated backup.


When looking at the backup set on the backup hard-drive, it looks like there is only one backup set, so we are confused as to why it backed up files that had not been changed since the automated backup.


Are we doing something wrong?

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Did you do a recycle backup at any time? specifically which files were backed up? Did the user install any virus software? How about windows updates or service packs?


The honest truth is Retrospect doesn't back things up unless they have changed in some way. It may seem like nothing has changed but closer inspection of the files and the backup set should explain what is happening.




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