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Open File backup option not working on 6.5


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Retrospect 6.5 – Error 1017 & 1020 when Open File Backup is on


I purchased Retrospect Professional 6.5 via Web download a week ago.


I am using it initially to backup my home network. This is a VERY simple system:


Three permanently attached computers in a Peer-to-Peer configuration

o One computer running XP Professional

o One computer running Win98-SE

o One computer (we'll call it the “Server” although its relly only an Itenet server) running XP Prof, ICS, and a Firewall with Internet connection


o Two notebooks attached as required running Win98-SE

o All systems using FAT32

o “Simple File Protection” (i.e. Drive Level Permissions) is used (FAT32)

o Retrospect Client has NOT been installed on any of the computers yet.


I am currently backing my main XP Professional computer to two Hard Drives


o Every other night to a partition on the computer

o Alternate nights to a partition on the “Server”.


Every backup has shown these errors


For each partition:


o Can't use Open File Backup option for Drive_<drive> (<drive>), error -1017 (insufficient permissions)


For each open file not backed up:


o File <filename> can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation)


I performed the tasks in your Technical Note 309 (i.e. Configure Launcher and Retrospect program Properties changed to specific “Administer authorized” accounts (I used the default Admin. Account where asked.


Is this because I'm using FAT32 and not NTFS? I hope not.


Problem continues.


Any help would be appreciated.




Steve Rich





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Open file works on XP even without NTFS (I think) but it will definetly not work on your windows 98 machines. Prior to Retrospect 6.5 open file backup only worked on disks that are formatted as NTFS.


In order for open file to work on networked machines you must use Retrospect client.



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