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xp crash with Maxtor 5000DV

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Hi, I need help.




Spec's are as follows.




Dell Inspiron 8100, Bios ver A 15, 512RAM


Windows XP with SP


PCMCIA to USB 2 Adaptor from Startech.com


Maxtor 5000DV 200GB




Installed PCMCIA and updated XP drivers. Works Fine with Cam and PPC.


Installed Maxtor and updated drivers. Recognised by system. No hardware conflicts.


Tried to Format the Drive with NTFS using Computer Management and selecting Primary Partition option. Xp crashed after 5 min or so. System restarted without problems.


Closed Almost all other program. Same thing Happens.Problem replicated 3 times.


Tried Quick Format option and it worked. I can store, delete and move files in and out.


Tried to setup Onetouch. It started, scaned files on main drive then started transfering to Maxtor. After 5GB transfer Xp crashes again. Next time after 8GB and then 4GB.


Tried to duplicate with Retrospect Express 5.6, same problem.




I have Tried the following.


1. turned off system restore.


2. Uninstalled Kaaza, file sharing software.


3. Removed password protection from some files like MS Outlook.


4. Uninstalled and reinstalled Maxtor.


5. Updated system bios.




Nothing is working.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.





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Hi Guys,


I am stuck here. xp pro freeze with scheduled CD-RW daily BU and Seagate Travan5 weekly full BU. I can run individual backup to CD-RW or Tape. No problem. I can schedule a number of successive BUs to both and most of the time they work. Sometimes when Retrospect 6.5 wakes up to run a scheduled BU, XP freezes. I have disabled XP System Restore in control panel. Rebooting makes all good, although the scheduled BU has passed with no activity, sometimes CD-RW, sometimes tape. I have the 4.6 drivers and v.336 app installed. The PC runs very clean other than this. How do you post a new subject on this forum.




Nelson Stoll


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