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Retrospect limitations make it not a viable solution

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Retrospects 1.0TB backup set limitation renders it as a bad choice for a backup solution. This is true at least in respect to my backup needs.


Retrospect HAS been a good solution only to the point in which the limitation was reached.


The workaround increases maintenance, need for media and time. It is not feasable to have a separate backup set for each volume on my OS X Server.


I have 2 RAIDS and lots of files. Files are also pulled of the server and archived. The backups sets, over time have gotten huge. Retropect Workgroup runs on a stand alone OS X G4 using a DLT1 Quantum tape drive and a Adaptec 29160 SCSI card. The system backs up over the network.


Backups a Normal, tapes are not recycled until we create a new backup set and erase the tapes.


Any suggestions or solution are very welcome and appreciated.



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