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Mac Client, Multi-server 6.0.206 Error -530 backup client not found


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We have had Retrospect 6.0.206 running on Windows XP Pro for several months now, coming up on a year. The PC clients seem always to get backed up fine, but one of our Mac clients fails more often than not. And seeing this will soon be our anniversary with the product, it would be nice to try to solve this persistent problem. The server reports Error -530 backup client not found. But the failure is inconsistent. Sometimes the backup is successful.


The Mac is running OS X 10.2.6 and Retrospect client 5.0.540. The Mac is configured for static IP, and Network Port Configuration set only for Built-in Ethernet. Firewalling is configured to allow Retrospect port 497.


We don't know if it is vodoo, but the last two times, when the owner of the Mac client was worried that the backup might fail yet again, the owner ran the Retrospect Client to monitor whether the Backup was proceeding, and saw that this Control Panel did not show any change in Status: Ready. The backup failed with the -530 error. Is it okay to run an automated backup with the client program open?


Please e-mail copy of responses to fong@caltech.edu.




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I'm running 5.1.109 and have a similar problem. I've noticed two things that may be contributing:


1. The mac client has two NICs -- wireless and wired. They each have different IP addresses. IP addresses are supplied by a DHCP server and can change. Despite its use of multicast, I wonder if Retrospect really needs one fixed IP address per machine. That would seem to defeat the entire purpose of using multicast. I may try using fixed IP addresses, and I may try giving each NIC the same IP (bad practice usually). Sadly my old cheapie router allowed central assignment of fixed IP addresses based on NIC, but my fancy super expensive AirPort Extreme doesn't have this very basic function.


2. I wonder about privileges. I wonder if Retrospect should be installed as "root". I wonder if changing the privileges associated with an account messes up Retrospect.


Any thoughts?

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