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Backup Server configuration question

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Thanks for the reply...


Well, I set up my OSX stand-alone server last night and logged into all 70 clients and created a Backup Server script to back up all files with a modify date within the past 2 months. The script was set to always active so it began as soon as I started it.


MAJOR PROBLEMS: Only 6 of the clients backed up successfully while the log showed several others had elected to defer. I don't understand how this could be because the users the log said elected to defer were not even here at the time?


Anyway, I also had several (20+) clients that were locked up (frozen) so this morning. I had a bunch of calls telling me that they had to restart their computer to get started.


What could be going on here? I'd really like to use the Backup Server option with a dedicated machine.


By the way, all clients are Macs running 5.1.157. Version 5.1 of Retrospect is being used on the stand-alone server.


Anyone else, feel free to chime in! Thanks confused.gif

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Hi Nate... thanks for the reply. I have narrowed it down a bit and have found something interesting. I ran a test on one Mac and created a Backup Server script to backup all modified files within the past 2 months and to exclude any enclosing folder whose name contains "system". The Mac being backed up is on my desk so I can watch both the backup server and the client at the same time.


It's down to this, there seems to be an issue with some security software we have installed. We use MacAdministrator to handle security on our Macs. It is set to log a user out after 30 minutes of inactivity. When the user is logged out, the machine is still on but a screen saver is displayed. A user can then log in by entering a user name and password.


Anyway, all of my problems occur when the Mac is in the logged out state and the backup server script tries to run. The result is the Mac locks up and you must force it to restart. The interesting thing is that I can create a backup script and schedule it to run at a certain time using the same criteria and it runs flawlessly.


The big question is: how does Retrospect access the Mac differently between these two scenarios? Why would one work and the other not?


Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Nate... Retrospect is not open so it does in fact "AUTO-LAUNCH". I'll try it while it's running.


Un-related question: I'm trying to install the client on a new G4 running 9.2.2 and the boot process hangs everytime when loading the Retrospect extension. I've tried the 4.3 client install as well as the latest 5.x install. Both fail. ANY IDEAS?

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