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Maximum Performance Setup Part Deux..


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A couple months ago I asked about putting together the maximum performance

retrospect server possible. Here's what I plan to go with. Please let me know

if you see anything that should be changed.


FYI, we are backing up about 20 servers to an ADIC Scalar 100 LTO autoloader.

Total backup size is about 300gb including exchange, sql, and some linux boxes.


Proposed server:


P4/2.4hz 800FSB CPU

1gb DDR400 RAM

4 x 200 gb IDE drives (RAID-5 for file backup sets)

gigabit ethernet (all of our servers are now on gigabit ethernet)

Adaptec ultra/160 dual-channel scsi card (64bit PCI)


As noted earlier, we're backing up to an ADIC Scalar 100. This thing holds 36 tapes

and will be upgraded to 3 LTO drives.


Any thoughts/feedback would be appreciated.




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