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Scheduled, unattended backups - a job fails in the middle - hangs, nothing else runs


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I am running Retrospect Professional.

I schedule a series of backup jobs overnight.

Several of these jobs are "file backup sets".

None of them are dependent on each other.

I don't care if one of them fails; I want all the ones before AND all the ones AFTER to run.

Periodically, one of my file backup set jobs fails because of "reached file size limit".

Again, that is FINE with me; I want the subsequent jobs to run anyway.

Instead, Retrospect pops a dialog box reporting the error, waiting for someone to click "Okay".

Noone ever does, of course, and we come in in the morning and none of the subsequent jobs have run.

(In fact, the computer is also frozen, but that is a separate question; but maybe both can be answered at the same time.)

How can I tell Retrospect to NOT stop, waiting for an acknowledgement, when a file backup set backup job cannot be run. I want it to GO ON to the NEXT job!!!





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My suspicion is that filling the disk with a file backup set is one of those errors Retrospect can't recover from very gracefully. Although it should...


I think the best work around to this problem is to use "disk" backup sets instead of file backup sets. That way you can specify how much of the disk you want Retrospect to use. When the disk gets full it will throw up a media request message. The nice thing is you can set the media request time out to be 5 minutes or so. Retrospect will wait for more media and then finish the script. After that it will move on to the next script.



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