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Restore of xserver taking forever!

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For heaven sakes how long should a client restore take! Restoring my xserver via client restore from my backup server is taking a ridiculous amount of time. I'm restoring an xserver with 44gb of data ~1.2 million files. My backup server is a G4 running at 400MHz with 1GB of RAM. During restore the files have retrieved to the xserver at 74mb/min and took ~8 hrs but the "completeing restore" just keeps on going. Dantz support tell me it's doing permissions now. I'm just shy of 72 hours and it's still going!


Originally had only 512mb of RAM in the G4 backup server and after 4 days of running took Dantz support advice to up memory to 1GB. I'm now at nearly 3 days of waiting for the restore to complete and not sure the memory increase has mattered all that much.


Has anyone else experienced this? Just how long will this take?



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