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Backing up XP Pro Client on a wireless connection

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Does anyone know a way in an XP Pro client to change network config for Retro purposes so that my (wife's new) lap top can be easily changed from wireless LAN connection to wired? This would make weekly Retro backups a breeze. The speed of a wired connection far exceeds the speed of the wireless access point- 802.11b.




The only way found for now is turning one setting (wireless LAN) off and the other on. I can disable wireless networking in Network Control Panel > Network Connections when doing a Retro backup and the machine is plugged in by direct LAN cable instead of it's normal wireless connections. Leaving the wired LAN turned on is no good because if there is no connection to it and Explorer last searched there for example XP says no connection exists.




In MAC OS X, for example, I can set up a hierarchy of connections in my favorite order of priority to choose the network connections I want to use. So I set the wired 10/100 BT setting as first choice, then wireless LAN card, then modem, and the switching mode to automatic to select the correct one.




Retro gets upset when two ports on the same machine are clamoring for attention tongue.gif

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