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Windows 98 and Retrospect


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Hi There,


First time posting here and I hope someone can help.


I have a client who is backing up his windows 98 Server onto a Sony Backup drive.


However when it gets half way through the backup of the registry the system freezes. There is nothing wrong with the hardware as it has all been replaced twice at his request.


I have tried everywhere to find an answer and now the boss is chasing me down.


This side of saying that he should get a proper server I am stumped.



Soon to be sacked.



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Well it has been some weeks now and no one has dared to help me by responding to this post. So I have decided to help myself.


After about a week of searching forum after forum I finally stumbled upon a small tidbit of information. Windows 98 has a 4 gig file size limit.


I think this is what the issue is.




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