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"two disks named Drive C that are indistinguishable" error


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Just bought a Maxtor external HD that came with Retrospect Express 6.0. Each time I start Retrospect I get an error that says, "There are two disks named Drive C that are indistinguishable from each other. One of these should be renamed . . ."




I found a thread in this forum from about a year ago in which someone reported the very same error; but although he was asked many penetrating questions no solution was offered. Per a suggestion in the thread, I ran fdisk to verify that my two internal drives are named C: and D:. Each drive has only one partition.




Thanks in advance for any help.








PS: Just now I ran the "Media & Devices" tool in Retrospect. Under the "Status" tab only a "Removable disk" entry shows up. Under the "Environment" tab my newly bought Maxtor shows up as device 0:0, my internal CD-ROM as device 1:0, and my Iomega internal Zip drive as 1:1. But the two internal HDs don't show up at all.




Oh -- and I should mention that all this is happening on a Dell 600 Mhz Celeron running Win98SE.

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