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duplicate doesn't copy all C files, but renames "my documents"


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After running the duplicate option of all C: files to the Maxtor drive (in my case G:), there are several files on C: which did not get copied:


pagefile.sys is the 1.6 GB swapfile. I probably don't want/need this copied, but I don't understand why it didn't.


The other files were system-looking files in Windows and My documents. This is normal?


Also, the directories replicated on the new drive have name differences for "My documents," "my pictures," etc from C:. The new directories names take the name of the higher level user directory (i.e. "Mark's documents" instead of "my documents"). Explorer seems to treat these as non-system folders in terms of offering the customizing tab under properties. However, attempts to change the name back to "my documents" under properties fails saying source and destination are the same. A simple right-click "rename" just refuses to change the G: "Mark's documents" to "my documents".


Also, a separate folder match utility treats compares between the C: "my documents" and G: "Mark's documents" as though they were identical.


In summary, why did the copy operation using retrospect change the names of these special folders to the eye, although funtionally they appear to have the same name?

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