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running ALL scripts from one single command line?

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You can't do exactly what you are looking for but we can get close. There is no way to start a script from the command line.


If you schedule all of your scritps to run at 1:00 AM (for example) and you lauch Retrospect at 8:00PM, it will run all of the scripts in sequece. You will have to tell Retrospect to not automatically launch to pull this off but it should work.



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Hi Nate,

I know I can schedule scripts.

My problem is with Retrospect on win2000.

Retrospect do not shutdown win2000 properly. It shutdown the system but do not power it down.

The shutdown/poweroff operations are a bit different in win2000 than in win 9x.


So, I have to use thirdyparty tools to shutdown the system properly, after Retrospect has finished all backup scripts.


These tools allow me to execute an external application (retrospect), before shutting down. But since I cannot run scripts from command line... this is not an option for me, I think.


I'm still searching for a workaround.


Ciao/Thanks, Nate. wink.gif.



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