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how to configure for daily backups

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In trying to compare Retrospect for Windows with Backup Exec for my clients, I need to create progressive backups monday thru thursday, where only new data is appended to the tapes. Fridays tape must be a full backup of all files selected, overwriting any current data on the tape.

I am not sure I understand how to do this from the users guide.

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It is pretty easy after you do it once.


Create a script

add a "day of week" schedule checking the boxes for Monday - Thurs. Make sure the backup action is set to "normal" backup for this schedule. That covers your incremental backups


Then add one more "Day of week" schedule but click only the friday box. Make sure the backup action is set to "Recycle" backup. that will auto erase the tape on Friday and do your full backup.


One interesting note. You can add multiple backup sets to one script and specify which set to back up to in your scehdule.


Make sure you turn on the setting to reuse prenamed media in the preferenes.



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