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Problem with Retrospect 4.1A

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I have been using Retrospect Express 4.1A on my Macintosh Powerbook G3,

OS 8.6, for same years wihtout problems. Now I have made an update to OS



Just before the update I made a complete backup ( 10x ZIP 100 discs) for

just in case ....

But now I can´t restore any files anymore. Only empty folders are

restored and an massage is given: execution errors. The Log shows for

the files in question: Bad StorageSet Header found (..........)

Following the trouble advices regarding SCSI I could´nt find any failure

or changes of the situation before.

Meanwhile I have run a verification (resynchronizing, slow), which did

take almost hours but without result. Only the Log was filled with

almost 1 GB.


Any helpful advice would be highly appreciated.

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