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Can't find any tape storage devices. WHY NOT?


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Last night I had my regular backup job scheduled for Retrospect. It's been working (more or less) for monthes. This time, the backup failed to start. The Retrospect internal log said "Can't find any tape storage device." This morning, I launch Retrospect and select the sidebar item Configure/Devices. It does not show the tape drive.


Windows Device Manager says that the tape drive is OK. It had a tape cartridge in it too. I was able to use software (MKS Toolkit "mt" program) to get status on the drive. It said OK. Windows Event Log showed no relevant messages.


What's going on?


Hardware: Dell Dimension XPS computer with Pentium 4, 512 MBytes RAM. Ecrix VXA-1 SCSI tape drive.


Software: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. Retrospect Professional 6.5.319. Latest drivers installed from Dantz web site.

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