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Windows 2000 won't shutdown when retrospect 6.5 completes the backup...


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Hi all,

I set retrospect 6.5 preferences so that the system shutdown when the backup finishes.


The system won't shutdown, but I get the usual window that says 'Now you can power off the system' (or something similar: I use Windows 2000 italian version)).

The correct behaviour should be shutting down cmpletely the machine, right? Monitor off and so on...


The funny thing is that when I shut down manually the machine (Windows Start button>Shutdown), there isn't any problem. The machine go down completely... zzzzzz!

So, I think this is not a BIOS problem.


I'm using Retrospect 6.5 on a windows 2000 sp4 workstation.

The backup is performed on a network machintos machine.


Any idea?


Thanks in advance.



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From what I gather there are about 5 different commands a program can use to shut down a windows machine. Retrospect uses one of those 5 which is not interpreted properly on some systems. Make sure you have APM enabled in the bios and in the OS. I would fiddle with the power settings until you can find the right combination.



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