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Can't repair, can't find catalog

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I am using a G4/400 as the desktop and a G4/867 as the client. Both have the latest versions. Both are loaded with memory. Both are loaded with memory. I backup to an Iomega Peerless tape cartridge drive (firewire). The past few months the auto launching of Retrospect have been flakey, at best. Sometimes the backup is done when I check it in the morning, and sometimes it never ran. Now, I have been finding the computer crashed, and it appears as if it happened shortly after Retrospect launched.


I launched Retrospect (5.1.167) this morning and checked the log and noticed that when Retrospect started finding the first item to backup is when it quit. This has been happening once in awhile lately. I usually just run the script again and it does the whole backup over, correctly. It is doing incemental backups everyday. This time I couldn't run the script. I went to repair, update existing cat. file. The error was "Not a catalog, healily damaged". Then I went to repair backup set and when I went to select the set, they were all grayed out. Couldn't select anything. What has happened? I use setA and setB, alternating every week. Both sets are each are on their second tape.


What is my next move? Short of erasing and starting over (the initial set takes 8 hours to complete)

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I am using 5.1.167, MAC OSX 10.2.6


Today I discovered that my backup Set A is working correctly. It must be the backup set B that got corrupted.


Can someone explain to me how I get my 2nd set (Backup set B) again? I assume I have to just start it over. Can I still use the name Backup Set B? Or do I have to re-name it. I need advice on how to do this. Do I get rid of any special files from the bad set?


Currently I use 2 ******* cartridges for each set. The sets alternate every week.





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