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RP6.5 "Execution incomplete" trivia


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I'm not sure if I should post this here or in the "suggestion" area but...


I had a RP6.5 RDU4.3 backup fail in the middle of a session with the following log:


+ Retrospect version 6.5.319

Automatically launched at 8/26/2003 12:01 PM in user account PC2\username

+ Retrospect Driver Update, version 4.3.102

+ Normal backup using PC2_CDrive_to_PC8_U3 at 8/26/2003 12:01 PM

To Backup Set PC2_CDrive_to_PC8_U3...


- 8/26/2003 12:01:08 PM: Copying DRIVE_C (C:)

8/26/2003 2:02:36 PM: Execution incomplete

Completed: 60614 files, 13.2 GB, with 11% compression

Performance: 145.5 MB/minute

Duration: 01:45:13 (00:03:24 idle/loading/preparing)


Quit at 8/26/2003 2:02 PM


Leaving an "Execution incomplete" dialog on the screen.


We'll, I guess that's nice but... "Execution incomplete" -- why?? It seems like if RP is going to fail due to something like this it should report something--corrupted files, can't talk to backup set, schedule limitation (note: there are no blackout periods set up), problems building or writing the snapshot, etc. There's not much to go with here to debug anything. Nobody was using my PCs (source or dest PC across the LAN) nor were any heavy-duty tasks running during this time at either end.


The destination directory (on a 200GB USB 2.0 harddrive on another PC across my LAN, massive free space) had the .rbf and .rbc (I think these are the right types, the permanent one and the temp catalog one RP creates while it's running). So I just manually started up the same backup set and RP seemed to work fine ("Execution complete"), backing up a few additional files (probably changed between the two runs), then the snapshot, and then successfully comparing everything.

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Nothing in the "Events" tab for this date, 8/26 (the last Event was 8/23, an understandable & unrelated failure since I didn't have an expected backup drive plugged in for a scheduled run). So that's no help...


I would understand if RP quit waiting for the media (although the LAN and remote PC and USB drive seem to be working fine) but, if so, it should *say* something about this in the log. Since it seems that all (or almost all) the data was actually copied, it would seem that the failure happened near the end of the data copy or during the Snapshot phase (building, storing). Note that the Snapshot isn't mentioned in the log.

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Retrospect never tells you when it is waiting for media (in the log anyway) you can usually tell if Retro was waiting for media by looking at the Idle/ loading / preparing time. In your case it is only 3 minutes so I doubt it timed out.


Do you have a snapshot for this day in your catalog file?



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There's no snapshop for the "Incomplete execution" backup session (although there are 13GB+ of files in that set). For the next (manual, incremental) session I ran (with just a couple hundred files) in that same set, where the execution completed normally, there is a snapshot.

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No to proactive. No to global changes. It was a new backup to this particular backup set on this particular (USB2) harddrive from this particular PC, but I had been running successful backups to the same drive from other PCs on my LAN. And RP6.5 on this PC has been successfully running backups to another IDE harddrive on its own system and another IDE harddrive across the LAN.


I have noticed that the USB2 drive sometimes has a "lag" if it hasn't been used for a while--probably a power-down spin-down. It comes up after several seconds when accessed and then is very fast without any lag. It's not something I'm setting in the Power Options (Never on "Turn off hard disk"), so it's probably a function of the drive, USB2 card or USB2-IDE enclosure. I doubt it was an issue here (since RP has been accessing the USB2 drive recently during the backup) but I've considered adding a scheduled task to "ping" the drive occasionally (e.g. read a file once an hour) to keep things awake and spinning.


And of course the *real* issue here is why RP didn't put *something* in the log to indicate *why* it had a problem completing the backup.

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