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Validate Script says "media unavailable", yet listed in Drive window

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The Validate Script check for the media always says they are unavailable, depsite them being listed in the Drive window in the tape library.


Retrospect 6.5, Windows 2000 Server SP3, Dell PowerVault 122T LTO.


Using ASPI as the speed under NT Passthrough is 50% slower.


Is this a known problem?



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If I run Scan Media, it will still fail. If the tape is in the drive, then that's fine. If the tape is just listed in the library slots, then Retrospect says the media is unavailable.


Anyone got any other ideas?




Re ASPI: yes, it is very fast. I was getting a maximum throughput of around 450MB/min on NT Passthrough, but I have had occasions of over 1GB/mb using ASPI, but on average get 800MB/min.


I originally had problems with drive communication using ASPI, such as Retrospect listing tapes in the library with names of other tapes that had previously been in that slot instead of the real names, thus making backups fail.


However, these problems seem to be cured with the latest driver updates from Dantz.



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