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Bakups stopped after machine changed IP

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Running Retrospect 4.3 on Mac backing up Mac and Windows PC clients. Windows PC is being back up fine, then the machine gets moved to another part of the building, subsequently the IP chagnes and backups stop working. I uninstall the client and reinstalled but that did not help. On the server console, the client PC machine is greyed out as the server can't find it. If I try to add it back in with the "add" new IP it gives a -541 error as it confilcts with what the server thinks it should be (old IP address), you can't seem to "forget"(delete) that machine as when you click on it, the only option you get is "connect". You can't connect to the machine. HOW do I resume backups since the IP changed?

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What happens when a machine has a change of IP address depends on how the client was logged in in the first place and also your network topology. If the client was logged in with the default method (multicast), then a change of IP address would be transparent as long as the client remained on the same subnet. The fact that it moved to another part of the building suggests the possibility that it may now be on the other side of a router. Multicast won't cross routers, which would explain no longer seeing the client. There are two other methods that can be used to log clients in: subnet boadcast and direct entry of WINS name, DNS name, or IP address. Direct entry will require whatever you use (WINS, DNS, or IP#) to be fixed for the client. E.g., you can't use direct entry of the IP# for a client with a dynamically assigned IP#, but you could use their WINS name if that remains fixed.


Retrospect won't switch access methods for a client, so if the old method doesn't work any more, then the client must be forgotten before it can be re-added. I don't understand what window you are in that you can't forget the client. In the client database window try selecting the client and then choosing Forget from the client menu.


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