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Disk inactivity threshold not met ?!

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Just toying with the new feature of Retrospect 6.5... and getting the following errors when using the "open file backup" option:


Can't use Open File Backup option for Data (D:), error -3047 (disk inactivity threshold not met)




Can't use Open File Backup option for Data (D:), error -1019 (not enough resources)


Any idea ?








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There are a number of things you should verify/try:


1)make sure all volumes are formatted NTFS -open file does not work on Fat32

2)make sure you have at least 500MB free on your system drive as well as the D drive that is giving you trouble.

3)Try to minimize disk activity to the d drive when the backup runs

4)turn off the "protect multi volume data sets" in the open file options of your script.


Does open file work on the C drive?





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I'm having the same problems you report. I'm trying to back up a server with only one (mirrored) disk. Since the C drive has the operating system on it, I'm not sure that the disk inactivity threshold of 5000 ms will ever be met. Note that Multi Server backup has backed up most of the information on the disk without using Open File. I'd just like to finish the job for the remaining files.




My question is how short can we appropriately make the Open File disk inactivity threshold? Would 1000 ms be ok? Shorter? What are the consequences?




FYI, I already have >500 Mb free, NTFS, am running backup in the middle of a weekend night to minimize activity and did turn off multi-volume data set protect.





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