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Retro 4.0 to 5.0 upgrade process?

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We're still using Retrospect 4.0 and would like to upgrade to 5.0 server. Does the normal $349 upgrade work for this? IIRC, there is no serial number for 4.0- do I need one to install the upgrade? The reason I ask is because we should be able to get the server upgrade through normal distribution channels for much less than Dantz sells it as I work for a VAR.



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Dantz has released a minor update to Retrospect Backup version 5.0 that all customers should download and install.




This update fixes a problem that caused all Retrospect Backup 5.0 editions running under Mac OS X to continually increase their memory usage while any LaunchCFMApp process was running. (LaunchCFMApp is a process used in Mac OS X to open Carbon applications.)




This update also fixes a problem that caused Retrospect Desktop, Workgroup, and Server Backup 5.0 editions running under Mac OS 9 to assert failure (with "elem.c-812") when backing up a client AppleShare IP Server or a client computer that has personal file sharing turned on. (This issue does not affect Retrospect Express installations.)




Retrospect Express 5.0 Updater:






Retrospect Desktop/Workgroup/Server 5.0 Updater:






Thank you.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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