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Retrospect 5 clients

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Retrospect desktop is unable to see the client on my network which is acting as my internet gateway.


Moving the "ethernet port" to the top of the "Active Network Ports" list, as has been suggested,


will allow it to work, but it changes my default route and prevents my machines from connecting


to the internet.




In the interim, I'm able to perform this switch to do the backups, but it's rather painful.




Any suggestions?





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I'm really not thrilled to pay a $100 premium (Workgroup upgrade differential) for a shortsighted


design issue on Dantz' part. I've got two machines; this should be a no brainer for the Desktop






Before upgrading my machines to OS X, this configuration, using Retrospect 4.3, worked perfectly






I'm sure Dantz can find a reasonable solution to this problem.




Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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