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W2K Boot Images not Bootable


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My client has three machine. One XP and two W2K. We're backing up to an external Maxtor 250GB Firewire drive. Each machine backs up to it's own director on the drive (I plug it into each machine for the backup). All of that works GREAT!


The disaster recovery CD created on the XP works fine, but the discs for the two W2K machines do not. They seem to be created ok (the directories look good) but I get a "Couldn't find NTLDR" error when trying to boot from the CD-R. The XP disk boots from all three machines, the W2k discs won't boot from any machine.


I used HP's DVD-Writer Software to create all disks. I then took the iso file home and burned it using XP's built-in writing software with the same results.


Any suggestions? (nice forum, by the way. first day here)


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