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OSX and OS9 compatibility

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On a smaller scale, what about backing up an OSX partition while booted up under OS 9? In the most recent issue of TidBITS, this caught my eye:

In reply to:

...if you back up a Mac that has both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X installed while it's booted into Mac OS 9, Retrospect can't access Mac OS X file permissions; and although it will back up the files, restores of those files won't give you a working Mac OS X system. Likewise, although you can back up files from mounted servers without using Retrospect Client, privileges won't be saved for later restoration.




In short, if you want to back up Mac OS X files such that they can be restored properly, make sure Mac OS X is the active operating system when backing up...

I've looked through the manual, but haven't found anything to back this up. As far as I can tell, access privilege restoration is independent of OS Retrospect was run in, but entirely dependent on whether you restore as an overwrite to the original volume (maintains privileges) or to a different volume (privileges are set to those of the Restorer).




I sure would appreciate clarification of this.




Evan Evanson

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It's true - you do need to be booted into OS X to get OS X data. It is in the Readme.




You're right about the privilege restore as well, but if Retrospect can't access the permissions to back them up in the first place, there won't be anything to restore.




Hope that helps!





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So, do we have to upgrade our server (v4.3 on Mac OS 9) to v5.0 in order to backup our Mac OS X client (we only have one)? We have been backing it up with v4.3 on OS 9 with the Beta Client.



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