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Hello, the error "assertion check at provider.c-627" appeared if I try to log into one of my clients' conputers.




Originally this was a 4.x AppleTalk client, then the protocol was changed to TCp/IP on the server version 4.x, and finally the client was updated to 5.x from the server version 5.x




When this error appear the whole program crash. I'm runing Retrospect workgroup version 5.0 on a Mac G3 with 20+ clients, all upgraded to 5.x




This is totally independent from the other assertion error I receive if my clients have file shaing on.




Any ideas?




Thanks in advance,





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Dantz has released a minor update to Retrospect Backup version 5.0 that all customers should download and install.




This update fixes a problem that caused all Retrospect Backup 5.0 editions running under Mac OS X to continually increase their memory usage while any LaunchCFMApp process was running. (LaunchCFMApp is a process used in Mac OS X to open Carbon applications.)




This update also fixes a problem that caused Retrospect Desktop, Workgroup, and Server Backup 5.0 editions running under Mac OS 9 to assert failure (with "elem.c-812") when backing up a client AppleShare IP Server or a client computer that has personal file sharing turned on. (This issue does not affect Retrospect Express installations.)




Retrospect Express 5.0 Updater:






Retrospect Desktop/Workgroup/Server 5.0 Updater:






Thank you.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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