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Error -43 with new 5.0

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Under OS 9, can you see subvolumes on it?




What if you have Retrospect automatically mount the volume as described in the Readme:




To have Retrospect automatically mount an AFP volume on your desktop:




* Mount the AFP volume on your desktop using your login


* In Retrospect go to Configure>Volumes and highlight the mounted volume


* From the Volumes menu choose Configure (Command-J)


* Provide Retrospect with the password to connect to the AFP volume


* Unmount the AFP volume in Finder


* Include the AFP volume in your backup script.






When it needs to access the volume, Retrospect will mount the AFP volume on the desktop, access it, and then unmount it when done.




Note: When Retrospect has mounted the volume, you will not be able to see the volume's contents from the Finder.




If you back up a mounted AFP volume using either method listed above, privileges are not preserved and can not be restored. The only way to back up and restore privileges from a volume over a network is to back up the computer using Retrospect Client Software.



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I tried this. it does not work. Now your program won't allow me to back up to the CDRW drive that came with the mac. It just sees it as packet media and won't recognize a backup set. I am really displeased with Dantz at this point. No 30 day support when I shell out $170 for the upgrades. And then the program does not work. The only way to get support is through this forum without having to pay for support. It takes forever to get a response.

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