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Restrospect 5.0 in OS X Hangs on execution

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I have just upgraded to Restrospect Desktop Backup version 5.0 for Mac OS X. I am running it under the following configuration:




Mac OS X Version 10.1.3


Power Mac G4 Dual 1GHz Processors


1GB of RAM


Twin 80GB hard Drives


Adaptec 2906 SCSI card


Sony SDT-S9000 DDS3 Tape drive




The problem I am having is when the backup job is executed, it scans the files selected for backup, and then the program hangs and stops responding. Help!

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Try a test backupto a file backup set saved to the local drive. This will tell you if you need to troubleshoot your hardware or if the problems lies elsewhere.




If it works when backing up to a file backup set, look into the following:




You card needs updated drivers from Adaptec:








There have been reports in other posts that a firmware update to the Sony drives helps with problems under OS X (this hasn't been substantiated in our testing labs, but many users are seeing it):





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