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Rotating new media backups (on DVD)

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Sorry: I'm sure this must have been asked before and, yes, I have read Chapter 8 of the Retrospect manual, but I'm still not sure I have grasped it...


I want to rotate two media sets (usually 2 DVDs in each) between on and off-site locations. So, I will do a normal backup daily to the first set (same script each day). After the Friday backup I will take the media off site. Monday I will start with a new media set and run a New Media version of the script. At the end of Week 2 I run the 5th daily backup to Media Set 2 and take it off site. I retrieve the first media set and start with them again on the Monday of Week 3. What run option should I use? Recycle, New Media or Normal?


Best wishes,


Mike Gatehouse, in Brecon, S.Wales, UK

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