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One DR CD for four Backup Sets?


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From page 117 of the R6 pro manual:



If you begin backing up a computer to a different Backup Set (other than the one selected in the preparation wizard), you should update its Disaster Recovery preparation.



I will be creating 4 DVD backup sets and rotating backups between them. Since the sets will be virtually identical, is there a reason why a single, up-to-date Disaster Recovery CD couldn't be used by any of the four sets. I don't want to keep 4 DR CDs up-to-date if one will suffice.

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One DR CD will be sufficient. The benefit to creating a new CD is that a copy of the catalog file for the set you choose may be included on the DR CD (room permitting). Without the catalog file, you'll need to build the catalog from the last member.


You should build a new DR CD if you make any hardware changes or upgrade your operating system.

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