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"Sorry, No Disk Storage Devices Found"

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I just got a Fantom Drives external firewire CD-RW (52x24x52) for my Mac b/w G3 on 0S 9.2, and want to back up from RE 5.0. However, RE will not acknowledge the drive, nor the media. I get a message saying "Sorry, No Disk Storage Devices Found."


I have Toast Lite 5.2 installed, and pretty sure I have disabled all the appropriate extensions for Toast to work, also with the appropriate(?) Retrospect extensions turned on.


Someone please advise!



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This drive is not yet supported for use with Retrospect. For a list of currently qualified devices, please see:


Hardware Search Engine


Dantz goes through a rigorous qualification process with every drive we test. This means that not every drive will be qualified and we can never guarantee that a particular device will be supported. Some drives do not get qualified ever, and some take 6 months to a year to get support. We have no way of telling if this drive will be supported or not at this moment.


We add device support often though, so do check back with our Hardware Compatibility list.


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I would like to encourage Dantz technical department to please update support for the newer Fantom Drives. I bought a 1394, 52x24x52 recently and after many problems with a previous device, I am satisfied with its stability. I am using Mac 10.2.6.

These drives are now being sold in most the major mail order sites.

I am not trying to sell these drives, rather I wish to encourage Retrospect compatibility. Currently Retrospect supports three IEEE Fantom Drives and it would seem an update would be forthcoming.

When it comes to Mac OS X, until recently, there has really only been one player with externals - LaCie. Retrospect supports every LaCie CD-RW I know about. But now there's another player with good drives, Fantom.

Please continue with timely support for them.

Best regards,


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