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I have Retrospect 5.0 on Dual 800 PowerMac.




I have a Lacie Firewire DVDR/DVD RAM 9.2 GB drive




When I try to write to the drive from Retrospect it appears with a locked padlock and says "The Disk is write protected. Please remove writeprotection and try again"




The disk is not write protected and I have used it with Retrospect 4.0 without problems for months.




any ideas?








Bill Parks

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What OS? Are you writing to DVD-RAM media or DVD-R media?




Have you created a Removable Disk backup set, or a CD/DVD backup set? For DVD-RAM, you still need to use the Removable disk backup set option.




Does this disk have data on it already?

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Thanks for the response.




The operating system is OSX and I am using a DVD-RAM disk that is clean and new and not write-protected.




I have set it up as a removal disk backup set just as I did using OS9 and Retrospect 4.X




Thanks again





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I have the same problem with a LaCie 4.7 DVD Ram drive.


The volumes appear as locked but are not.


In fact Retrospect will erase the DVDs but when it comes to backing up, the message is that they are locked.


(The DVDs mount properly on the desktop and are not locked)


I am using OSX 10.1.3. on a G4 Titanium.


The Beta version work just fine.




I think there is a bug in the Retrospect software.


It would be nice to have a fix.







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