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Sharing preferences w/ X & 9?

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Does anyone know the officially approved way of sharing preferences between seperate OS 9 & OS X partitions? I tried Retrospect 5.0 under OS X for 3 days, but it constantly crashes, and I've just found that it doesn't seem to crash under OS 9 (well, it's been up for an hour w/o crashing so far, but that would be cause for jubilant celebration under OS X).




While booted up under OS 9, if I try to make an alias from OS X Volume/Library/Preferences/Retrospect to OS 9 Volume/System Folder/Preferences/, Retrospect won't start up, complaining there's a file already there, so it can't make a folder. If I try to make aliases of the contents of the OS X Retrospect Preferences folder to the OS 9 Retrospect Preferences folder, it (the OS 9 Finder) complains, saying the contents of OS X Volume/Library/Preferences/Retrospect/ are in use. Go figure.




I could try making aliases the other direction (aliases in the OS X partition pointing to the OS 9 partition), and/or I could boot from a CD and do all of this, thus getting around the "files in use" problem, but now I'm a little worried that all this is a non-kosher and I'm just making more headaches for myself, so I turn to the vast body of people here who are also playing with Retrospect 5.0. Anyone else using Retrospect 5.0 on both operating systems? What's your setup? Encountered any problems? If you're just using seperate preferences in both volumes, do you use custom selectors, and are you worried about having slightly different selectors, depending on which OS you're booted into?




Evan Evanson

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